About the Library

    The Research Library provides access to extensive collections of books, journals, databases, technical reports, standards, patents and more.

    We provide literature searching, training, outreach, and services in scholarly communication, data management and stewardship of the Laboratory’s scholarly output. The Library’s R&D component pursues cutting-edge work in areas such as open archives, recommendation systems and visualization, information infrastructure, information interoperability, and long-term persistence of the scholarly record.

    Agile at the Library

    The Research Library has adopted Agile to sustain its ability to deliver innovative and responsive services, in alignment with our mission and vision. Though it originated as a framework for advancement of software development activities, we use it for that and more. Agile helps us to adapt to changing requirements, embody a learning organization, improve project outcomes, tap the distributed insight of our team, and be a better place to work. We believe in the potential of Agile to also advance a model of more collaborative and open science.


    We amplify the Laboratory’s mission-driven research by enabling LANL researchers to learn powerful skills and access expertise and scholarly information, developing new methods for managing data and information, and connecting researchers with colleagues and the broader scientific ecosystem.


    We are shaping the future of research libraries: digital-first institutions with a seamless user experience and services that evolve with the open and classified information ecosystem, and where collaboration and open scientific research are integral.

    Our Team

    Team Card Administration


    Team Card Data Management Services

    Data Management Services

    Team Card Prototyping


    Team Card Library Collections, Metadata & Discovery

    Library Collections, Metadata & Discovery

    Team Card Institutional Scientific Content

    Institutional Scientific Content

    Team Card Licensing & E-Resources

    Licensing & E-Resources

    Team Card Reference & Research Support

    Reference & Research Support

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    8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

    Badgeholder access 24/7


    Oppenheimer Study Center

    TA-3, SM-207

    (across from Otowi)


    (505) 667-5809

    Post-Masters Library Research Assistant
    Scientific & Technical Information Librarian (Library Professional 1/2)
    Computer Science Graduate Research Assistant
    Research, Outreach, and Engagement Librarian (Library Professional 2/3)