Most of the electronic resources available at the lab are copyrighted by someone and governed by license agreements.

These legal agreements determine how an electronic resource can or cannot be used.

License agreement


  1. Print or download individual articles, chapters, or other items on a limited basis
  2.  Send an article or item to another authorized user
  3.  Link to articles or other items from a publishers website (recommended method for providing electronic content)


  1. Systematically download, save, print, or distribute large amounts of information (eg download all articles from a journal issue; engage in large-scale downloading from licensed resources to create databases)
  2.  Send an article or item to a person who is not an authorized user (unless this is specifically allowed by a publisher’s license)
  3.  Post an article or other items in any open environment, including the Internet (includes mailing lists, electronic bulletin boards, blogs, etc)
Fair Use

Fair Use provisions of US copyright law allow reproduction and distribution of copyrighted materials on a limited basis for specific purposes without the permission of the copyright holder. In order for Fair Use to apply, the reproduction and distribution must be for the noncommercial purposes of scholarship, research or education (among others).

Fair Use is a limited right. It generally means you cannot reproduce or distribute large portions of a book or multiple articles from the same issue of a journal. A reasonable interpretation of the law is one (1) article per issue of a journal, and one-tenth or one chapter of book, whichever is greater. Use beyond this allowance requires payment of copyright royalty fees to the publisher.

Using the Library’s electronic resources

Use of electronic resources available at the Research Library are limited to:

  • Current lab employees
  • Contractors and subcontractors officially affiliated with Los Alamos Laboratory
  • Members of the public using a LANL computer within the Research library

Potential consequences of a violation of the Laboratory's contractual agreements with publishers regarding copyright:

  • Loss of access for the entire laboratory without warning
  • Employee record may be negatively affected
  • Personal lawsuits

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